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          Green and Energy Saving Technology

                Sunstone policy is to be energy efficient and environmentally sound through the use of work practices and advanced technology. This includes support of the State policy of resource conservation through the philosophy of “reduction, reuse, recycle”. Sunstone owns the first prebaked anode manufacturing facility to achieve the “No Leak” designation from the regulatory agencies. The company has been a leader in building a culture of worker safety, environmental responsibility and natural resource conservation while at the same time being the standard setter for the anode industry. The company was the first to install waste heat recovery in the petroleum coke calciners that used the heat to generate electricity sufficient to supply plant production requirements as well as dormitory and living quarters. Additionally, all waste water is treated and used for onsite fresh water requirements. This technology is now considered to be the model for the industry.
             Sunstone is the first one which is awarded as “The Leading Resources Comprehensive Utilization Enterprise for Carbon Material Industries in China” and “Resources Comprehensive Utilization Technology Center of China for Carbon Materials used in Aluminum Industry” by Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, “The Best HSE Supplier of Lituo Company”, “The Leading Resources Comprehensive Utilization
              Enterprise for Carbon Material Industries in China”“The Leading Energy-Saving & Environmental Friendly Enterprise in Shandong”‘Resources Comprehensive Utilization Technology Center of China in the process of prebaked carbon anode”. These honors are the best reward for the Sunstone.
          SunstoneDevelopment also actively introduced some prebaked carbon anodes’ concept which is innovative and advanced in international electrolytic aluminum industry for improving the skill level and making contributions to China's aluminum industry.