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          Message From The Chairman

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          After nearly a decade of growth and development, Sunstone has become a major force with a strong competitive position in prebaked anode manufacturing for the electrolytic aluminium industry. Sunstone has become a highly visible and credible source with a reputation of high quality and a dedication to the development and implementation of technology. Sunstone exports more anodes from China than any other company.

                While growing our company, we have not only considered the business objectives of Sunstone Development, but also the social, economic and environmental impact that we have on our local community and the world as a whole. It is our commitment to effectively use our resources by maximizing our efficiency and recycling all that we can back into our final products, and by committing ourselves to the protection and improvement of our environment.

                Going forward into the next decade, Sunstone will continue to maintain and even grow its reputation in the Aluminium Industry and strive to become the preferred supplier of prebaked carbon anodes to aluminium smelters throughout the world. Additionally, it is our goal to do this while becoming a model for technological advancements, resource utilization, environmental responsibility and social awareness.

                Sunstone’s future success continues to depend on the support of all of its shareholders, the trust and support of its customers and partners, and the continued hard work, dedication and talent of it’d staff as they work tirelessly to make Sunstone the success that is today and will be in the future.